David stumbled upon slingers when he was performing an emergency tree removal project for Caltrans. The project generated thousands of diseased trees that were going to be chipped and hauled off. He approached Caltrans and the USFS on chipping the trees and spreading the chips along the highway for erosion control. Using a slinger was the perfect answer to spreading the wood chips, but there were no slingers available in California.

Years later, David was bidding a synthetic turf field at a high school. Under the synthetic turf, there was a 5” layer of drainage rock with a drain line. This would prove to be a difficult task under traditional construction practices. Remembering the stone slinger, he again looked for a slinger to rent for the project. There still were no slingers available in California.

At this point, David decided to expand his heavy civil engineering business into the operated rental business. With the help of David’s daughter Morgan, California Stone Slingers was founded. With 25+ years in the construction industry, California Stone Slingers is focused on bringing you the absolute finest when it comes to equipment and industry knowledge. We provide operated stone slingers to our clients for a variety of construction applications and projects. As a team, we have worked on a variety of projects spanning the state of California, including Lake Isabella Dam Reconstruction and expansion of Hunter’s Ranch Resort in Paso Robles. We travel up and down California to complete your material application needs.

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